Tasty & entertaining

Tasty & entertaining

Take a guided tour at the Clara Maria Cheese Farm

Step back in time. Gouda cheese and wooden clogs are still made on the 160-year-old farm. You are welcome to come and take a look around. We will give you a tour and offer a taste of our delicious fresh cheese.

Cheese Farm

Farmer Kees-Jan milks the cows himself and uses the milk directly to make Gouda cheese.


Thanks to the addition of different ingredients and herbs, our cheeses all have their own special flavours. Some of our specialties include chili cheese, garlic cheese, Italian-herb cheese, ginger cheese, cumin cheese and truffle cheese.

See for yourself

See how the real farm cheese is made in a traditional way and taste the fresh flavor. All cheeses are available for purchase in our souvenir shop, and you can also order them.

Clog workshop

A demonstration shows you how traditional Dutch clogs are made using antique clog machinery.
Farmers’ clogs are made using poplar, which is a very light type of wood. Our clogs are sometimes decorated with images of windmills, cows, Delft blue or something idyllic. We can also burn names and logos into clogs for you. And how about baby clogs, with all your baby’s birth information? Our souvenir shop stocks clogs in various sizes.

Dutch Souvenirs

The shop is in the old barn, where a cosy, authentic atmosphere prevails.
Take a tasty or amusing souvenir home with you; our shop stocks fresh cheese, Delft Blue, porcelain souvenirs, clogs, beautiful Dutch kitchen towels and tulips, and more. If you’re looking for something special and not sure if we stock it, please contact us.

Did you know…

Today, 1 million Dutch still wear traditional clogs.

The Dutch have been wearing clogs since the 13th century, and by the 19th century, clogs were the most common footwear in the Netherlands.

Clogs became popular because they keep feet dry.

Waterproof footwear was necessary for those making their way across the water-rich Dutch landscape.

Clogs are made of poplar, a type of wood which is light and easy to work.

Poplars grow rapidly, so a 20-year-old tree is big enough to make 60 pairs of clogs.

Clogs are good for your feet.

They provide a lot of support and have an orthopaedic design. They are particularly good for children, as they help develop posture.

Clogs are also very hygienic.

The wood absorbs foot moisture and the space inside clogs ensures there is adequate ventilation around feet. As a result, clogs are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Interested in seeing and tasting some cheese?